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 Mousebreaker presents...

Save The Sheriff!
* NEW!
The Sheriff's gone missing and this little piggy's trying to save him. A top class platformer from Playdo community!
 Our 4 most popular games in February were:
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Games marked with a * have highscore tables.

Premiership Volley! * NEW!
Choose your Premiership team, slam it past the keeper and take 'em to the top of the table!

Save The Sheriff! * NEW!
The Sheriff's gone missing and this little piggy's trying to save him. A top class platformer from Playdo community!

3D Table Tennis * NEW!
Another AI classic from Dave! 10 levels of difficulty, a tournament option and a scoreboard. No more ping pong...

England v Portugal Special * NEW!
Another Mousebreaker one off! Your chance to improve on England's draw against Portugal.

Ultimate Blast Billiards*
The online classic - A 15 level monster for all those Blast Billiards addicts out there!

Heli Attack 2 * NEW!
Stranded behind enemy lines, and under fire from waves of enemy helicopters - one of the finest flash games ever!

Springy! * NEW!
14 levels of increasing difficulty to send you completely insane. Can anyone actually complete them all? Doubt it...

Air Hockey * NEW!
Beginner? Average? Expert? Grandmaster? Take your pick and slide that puck! Thanks again to David!

Punch the President! * NEW!
'Cos even The President needs a good slap sometimes...

3D Golf - 9 hole * UPDATED!
One of your favourites from a few months back - now with added personal stats!

Mousebreaker 'Copter! * NEW!
Mousebreaker brings you that modern classic - 'Copter! How long can you keep it up?
Camperstrike! * NEW!
Mousebreaker brings you probably the best Free Online Flash Shooter around!

 Xmas Blast Billiards! * NEW!
Yes! A Special Edition, just in time for Xmas! Except that this time there's no cue...

Fruit Salad ! * NEW!
Line up the fruits and make your juice. But mind your plums!

3D Pool * NEW!
Four balls, a square table and 3 mins - how many points can you rack up in this 3D beauty? Thanks to David for this one.

Sniper! * NEW!
Line up your telescopic sights and aim for the targets as they turn. Each bullseye gets you another shot...

Football Volley Challenge! * NEW!
Can you slam it past the keeper into the net, and make it onto the Top 100 scoreboard?
Bug on a wire! * NEW!
Leg it along the telegraph lines and dodge the hungry crows. How long can you survive?

Multiplayer Pool Back by popular demand, your chance to take on another player in real time. Get hustling!
(Please note: 60 player maximum)
Football Manager 2004 UPDATED!
The entire 2003/04 season in one game. Take a team through the whole season!

3D Speed Golf * NEW!
9 holes against the clock - Get at least par on each hole to continue - the faster you sink it the more points you get!
Six-a-side Soccer NEW!
Choose one of Europe's top 16 teams and take them all the way to the final!

Blast Buggy NEW!
For those of you on lighting fast computers with 3D cards and a Shockwave plugin.

Bomb Disposal * NEW!
Climb into your jeep and defuse all the bombs - but be quick before they go off! And don't forget to change your tyres...

Backyard Shootout! * NEW!
Load up your trusty shotgun and pick off the intruders in your backyard - 10 levels of increasing difficulty!
Blast Solitaire * NEW!
The fuse is burning and time's running out - how many cards can you get out before the bomb goes off?

3D Blast Billiards - Full Gfx version
For those of you on lighting fast computers with 3D cards and a Shockwave plugin.
3D Blast Billiards Lite
For those of you on older machines- but you'll still need a Shockwave plugin.

Santa Keepy Uppy! * NEW!
Mousebreaker's xmas offering comes early this year - 10 levels of ball-juggling with the man in red.


Original Blast Billiards*
The original, and for many still the best. 10 levels of frustration and accuracy.

Trick Blast Billiards*
Fancy your chances at a few trick shots? 10 levels of trickery.
Blast Bar Billiards
Yet another great version - this time with holes rather than pockets!

World Cup Free Kick*
Can you bend it like Beckham around the Argentinian wall?

World Club Penalty Challenge*
Can you shoot your team all the way to the FA Cup Final?

Flash Soccer Manager*
Fancy yourself as an Arsene, Sir Alex or a Houllier? Here's your chance...

Kingpin Bowling!*
Lace up your funny shoes, warm up your digits and polish your balls!

Frogger's Revenge*
It's time the frogs got their own back! Carry the bombs across the river and blow up those noisy vehicles!

Donkey Bomb*
10 levels of burning oil drums, crowns, Mousebreaker's trademark bombs and a donkey in a bad mood!

Watch out! The aliens are trying to abscond with all those humanoids - only you can stop 'em!

Shoot that Blastipede before he gets to the bottom - and don't let him hide behind those mushrooms!

Crystal Eater
Level after level of speed and cunning - push those blocks and avoid those ghosts!
Sky Attack
A classic stylish little shooter. Thanks to dannyspace:)

Guide the little wriggler through the tubes to conception!

Chicken in a basket
Click on the chicken to launch him into the basket. A lleaning tower of cluckers! Thanks to Patrick :)

Pixel Gangsta
Uh-oh! Cops are raiding the hood and your stash is all over the place. Can you collect all 13 bags?

Pick up the beercans on the way down the slope but watch out for the other boarders - and those rabbits!

Bomb Darts
Darts with a difference - 10 levels against the clock. Get those pints in!

Remember Asteroids? Here's our tasteless take on the old classic...

Farting Managers
It's all kicking off in the Premiership, not least in the managers' underpants!
Football Crazy Quiz
Think you know your football facts? Well, here's where to find out...

Virtual Curling
Recently featured on the Zurich Financial site, this is your chance to go for Olympic Gold!

Stitched Up!
Sir Alex Ferguson managed to give David Beckham 3 stitches. Can you beat that?

Tennis Targets
Tim Henman? Greg Rusedski? Ptooey! We know you can do better...
Can you guide the fly from bin bag to bin bag?

Sports Trivia Quiz
Think you know your Sports Trivia do you? Your chance to find out for sure...
Attack of the Killer Pigs
Flying pigs! In formation! Swooping down at you from the sky!

Steeplechase Challenge
You're under starter's orders! Ride ten winners in a row to complete the game!
Stop Cockroach Chris!
The Chris Evans cockroaches are breeding fast and trying to take over the world! Can you stamp them out?

Ice Hockey Challenge
Penalty Shootout with a twist. This time it's on ice!
Golf Pitching Challenge
Ten levels of pitching accuracy against the clock and the wind!

Rugby Kicking Challenge
Kick the ball between the uprights, but watch out for the wind!
Last Turkey in Town
It's Xmas Eve and there's only one turkey left! Can you catch it?



Mousebreaker Ltd. 2003. All Rights Reserved
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